Seder Olam vs James Ussher

The Jewish timeline / Seder Olam

The Jews set the creation of the world on October 7, 3761 BC.

The Jewish calendar had reached 5775 years in 2014 as the photo shows. Today we have the year 5779.

Which means they think the creation was in the year 3761 BC.

The Seder Olam was made by Rabbi Yose Ben Galafta in 160 AD.

They believe that their messiah will come 6,000 years after creation so around 2239.

But at the same time, they do not see the first six days of creation 24 hours a day.

2. Peter 3 - "Beloved friends, keep in mind that for God is one day as 1000 years, and 1000 years as one day.

The Jewish calendar 3761 BC and James Usher's 4004 BC.

It is a difference of 243 years.

Difference # 1     -   60 years

The first difference is how old Terah was when he got Abram.

Ussher believes that he was 130 years old and not just 70 years as Seder Olam believes. Therefore, there is a difference here in 60 years.


Gen 11.26 says:

Terah lived 70 years and got Abram, Nahor, and Haran.


But at the same time, Gen 11.32 says Terah liver to be 205

Gen 12: 4 Abraham was 75 when Terah died.

So if you take 205 - 75 then you have to think that Terah was 130 when Abram was born.



Difference # 2    -   5 years

Seder Olam believes that Abraham was only 70 and not 75 years old. at the Covenant.

Therefore, a difference of 5 years.


Falling to see the significance of Isaac's weaning at the age 5 when he was named the "seed" Lineage and hear instead of Ishmael.


Seder Olam reckons from his birth.


Thus it concludes Abraham was 70 at the covenant rather than 75 as Genesis 12:4 records - and that he came to Haran, entered Canaan, then returned to Haran - all in his 70the years.

Then 5 years later, he left and moved to Canan.


Difference # 3   -   17 years

There is also a difference of how long they think it went from the beginning of the construction of the first temple to the construction of the second temple.

Ussher believes that 497 years passed.

Seder Olam believes that 480 years passed.

A difference of 17 years.


Differing decisions in placing the dates of the kings of Israel with respect to the kings of Judah during the period of the divided monarchy account for these 17 years.

Difference # 4   -   164 years

This is the biggest difference.

When they think the 2 temples were built.

Ussher believes it was 584 BC.

Seder Olam 420 BC.

The Seder Olam identifies the "Darius" who was reigning during the dedication of the second Temple as the same Darius that Alexander defeated.

Thus, Seder Olam has Darius of Marathon the same king as Darius 3 Codomannus.

Seder Olam only has 5 Persians monarchs and Persian history. only lasting 53 years.

Rather than the 207 years, Ptolemy gives.

538 BC - 331 BC = 207 years.

James Ussher uses the years Ptolemy gives.

So 207 - 53 = 164 years difference.


Difference # 1   -    60 years

Difference # 2   -      5 years

Difference # 3   -     17 years

Difference # 4   -   164 years

Total:  60+5+17+164 = 243 years


So, therefore, the difference between Jewish Timeline and the James Ussher Timeline, 243 years.